3 Broomhouse Market, Edinburgh, EH11 3UU cossinfo@ymail.com 0131 443 6223

Food Bank

The Broomhouse Food Bank offers free packs of food to families and individuals in crisis. Supported by your donations of non-perishable food, we are able to make a difference to families living in poverty in our area.

If you are in crisis and need help with emergency food provision, please contact us immediately.

The Food bank is located in Community One Stop Shop, 3 Broomhouse Market, Edinburgh, EH11 3UU.

Many of our clients are facing long term crisis situations. The most common reason for service access this year was clients having no money to buy food, often due to benefit delays, sanctions or changes.

We pride ourselves on the holistic nature of the project, and encourage foodbank clients to engage with our primary services.

We have received fantastic donations from Edinburgh Park, Forrester High School, SRUC, Heriot Watt University, Saughton House, and Greyfield House.