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Holiday Support

Our Holiday Support programme commenced in July 2017 during Clovenstone Community Centres’ Family Week.  Over five days we provided lunch and healthy snacks to local children and families during the holiday activities organised by the centre. A fantastic time was had all round and we look forward to working together on future events!


During October 2017 we ran two events at Murrayburn Primary. We worked with Broomhouse Health Strategy Group who ran a Spooky Cooking session, and Animal Man’s Mini Zoo who hosted a Mini Zoo experience. We support 39 children from 20 households. The events were very well received; attendees stated that the events were fun, well organised and that they would happily attend again. Additionally, 48% of people said that they worry about money during the school holidays, and clients stated that events such as this reduce this worry. All of our Holiday Support Activities are funded by Cash for Kids, we are incredibly grateful for their continued support.