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Holiday Support

During the 2019 February break, we supported families from Murrayburn Primary school to join us for holiday activities. The team at the Broomhouse Health Strategy Group (now B Healthy Together) delivered a cooking session with the children – the parents got to join in too! They made hummus and veggie wraps, and clearly had a lot of fun using the blenders. We also had Animal Man and his furry, feathered and scaly entourage along to entertain the families and he even let everyone pet the animals.


We provided lunch for the families on both days and created a space in which everyone felt comfortable to interact and play in a safe and fun way. We run our holiday events to support families who may find the extra cost of feeding their children during the school holidays difficult to meet. 62% of parents who attended the events agreed that they found food harder to pay for during the school holidays, and that our events helped ease the pressure.

These events were funded by Cash For Kids. We are grateful to them for their continued support to us and the local community.