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In October 2017 we commenced our Outreach Programme stationed at the Calder’s Community Flat, located at the foot of Dunysre House. The Community Flat is a resident run social hub, and is of great importance to the local community, serving three high-rise blocks; Dunsyre House, Medwin House, and Cobbinshaw House and the surrounding area – resident to over 2000 people. Data from the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation highlights the area is in the 5% most deprived in Scotland relating to health, education and income, and above 50% of residents are living in poverty.  

We work out of the flat on a Wednesday morning for 11:00 to 13:00, running the foodbank and providing Advice. 

Reason for access is varied, however, the primary reasons identified for the cohort are:

  • Drug use, in particular the use of intravenous drugs
  • Homelessness and vulnerable housing
  • Intergenerational poverty
  • Functional illiteracy
  • Long term illness
  • Financial crisis – including benefit sanctions, rent arrears and debt repayments or having no money left after payments